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One Small Thing Conference 2019

(Roo Kendall / Pencil Agency)

I am delighted to host the One Small Thing inaugural conference in 2019 - Working with Trauma. Working with trauma and caring for those who have been traumatised at some point in their lives is what so many of us working in institutions and systems do every day. I feel passionately that we all need to work together to understand the impact of trauma and to help those we serve and care for to heal. The conference brings together two of the leading experts in the field of trauma: Dr. Stephanie Covington and Dr. Karen Treisman, to provide a unique opportunity to look at the issue across disciplines, sectors and across the lifecycle.

One Small Thing is striving for positive change in the criminal justice system by implementing small changes in a big way. We facilitate and fund trauma-informed treatment programmes for the prison and community sectors that consider the individual caught in a cycle of crime and incarceration and aim to humanise their process. We strive to shift the noise of blame and judgement and shift the ‘what’s wrong with them?’ line of questioning to a more effective and healing ‘what happened to them?’ approach. Our name reflects the value of those small things – empathy, compassion, respect – and their combined power to make a big difference to the individual - and to society as a whole.

More and more sectors and services are realising the potential of trauma-informed approaches to achieve better and more effective outcomes. Our inaugural conference is the first in the UK designed to bring together experts and professionals working across a range of disciplines with expertise or interest in this area of work or to share ideas, knowledge and network together.

We look forward to welcoming you for two days of keynote sessions, interactive seminars and group activities aimed at promoting trauma-informed and trauma-responsive practice and system change.

Edwina Grosvenor, Founder and Chair